It Isn’t As If Only Thin People Can Get Married

Newsflash! Curvy people fall in love and get married too. Intellectually we all know that people in the fashion industry have a bit of a problem with reality. They have trouble working out the difference between a person and a stick. They haven’t realized that you wear shoes to be comfortable and get around not as a form or masochism. Nor do real working women wear shoes so high you have to chew gum before you take them off because your ears pop.

Well guess what fashionistas, you’re missing a market because real people, with real curves, get married too and we want to look our very best when we do it.

If it annoys you that there is a size 0 – it should do because basically, it is saying you don’t exist – then you will be glad to know that at bridal gowns lancaster shops they look after real women who are well aware of what they are looking for – even if they don’t know the exact dress.

The best way to get the perfect gown is to understand from the beginning you are really unlikely to get something off the rack and for it to be everything you want. Actually, this goes for everyone it’s nothing to do with size. It is more to do with the makers creating an average dress for the size – but just because you have a bust of this size doesn’t mean you have those hips.

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What happens is you start from a place where the dress is something you love, then a specialist will adjust it to be perfect for you. So be prepared to have more than one fitting – and the last one will be pretty close to the big day – you will love it and you will be fabulous.