Ever heard or had a Michelada?  

Reading this for the first time and if your honest assumption were to be correct could depend on your own interests and tastes. Asking yourself just what is a michelada and how can it be played could stem from your love for music and its instruments.

Could this be some sort of new exotic guitar with just a few strings and keys? Nothing of the kind, so, do continue reading. You might have a curiosity for names and place names, so this might bring you closer to the truth in a shorter space of time.

Who or what is Michelada, you might be thinking. Sounds very Spanish, and it’s not all Greek to you. Sounds very close to your favorite Mexican dish the hot and spicy Enchilada.

And there you go; you are not far off. You are homing in to the truth. But if you are what they still call a gringo down there, will you enjoy it. On discovering that this is a local beer, you think to yourself; yep, this might do.

That is to say, you already have a love of beer. But no, it turns out that your love for alcohol might need to match a rather strong constitution. You’d also need to have an acquired taste for this home brew.

what is a micheladaWho or what is Michelada

Your love for frosty beer just cuts no ice in this business. Remember that last round of Tequilas you had? Right, you’re getting closer to the home truth. A michelada is going to put plenty of fire in your belly tonight.

But where to find it, so far away from Mexico? Don’t you be worrying about that because this here drink is one you can make yourself. Just for starters, you’ll need your beer and lime juice, and maybe loads of salt if you can handle the sodium content.

And there’s more. Something called Tajin, a few liberal shakes of it, goes into your tumbler. And add to that dehydrated lime zest. If you’ve been making your own Bloody Mary’s up to now, you might also be familiar with the famous kick in the Worcestershire sauce bottle. And add to that, ground chilies, would you believe.

So, there you have it. In a tumbler. And it does not take much for you to get sozzled on this number.

So, perhaps it is worthwhile ending on this sober note. When it comes to alcohol, an acquired taste is always good. But the idea should always be to enjoy in moderation.

But in order to get motherless on a Michelada pitcher, you would surely have to consume the entire jug in one sitting. Surely, that is not possible. But here is a punchy, spicy cocktail that you can enjoy if you love socializing.

It would be perfect with your enchiladas, your Taco Bells. Perhaps even better with your own homemade chili con carne. Authenticity may be the big bang but it is still open season for creating your own variation. After all, variety is the spice of life.